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What we do

Whether you need help with a business strategy, marketing and communication activities or mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Brightlight Communication Oy sets your business in the right direction. Our approach is driven by hard hands-on work, motivation and a strong will to deliver success to our clients.

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Who we are

We are a close team of passionate business professionals. Our mission is to provide clients with down-to-earth ways of driving new business growth opportunities within the global communications and media industry. Brightlight Communication Oy was founded in 2011 by partners with backgrounds in media-related business, M&A and business development.

Henrik Resman

Henrik Resman

CEO and Partner

Henrik has over thirty years of experience working in various businesses in Finland and abroad. During his professional career, Henrik has developed an exceptional background in management, sales and marketing. He has strong management experience in strategic planning, turnaround management, business development, media and content production, as well as solid experience developing effective boards and management teams.

Henrik has held executive positions as the CEO at Juventus, one of the best-known radio operators in Hungary, Metroradio Finland Oy – owner of channels such as Classic Radio, Groove FM, SuomiPop and Metro FM, as well as Pr- and communications companies Taitomylly Oy and ZipipopFreud Oy. Henrik is a board member in several companies and is actively involved in business advisory roles.

Nikolas Bletsas

Nikolas Bletsas


Nikolas has been a litigation lawyer since 1996, representing major companies in transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, tax planning and strategic alliances. He is skilled at drafting and negotiating all legal documents for his international clients, and advising them on commercial contracts and agreements, company law and corporate compliance.

Nikolas speaks English and German, and has built positive working relationships with international business partners, especially in the media and finance/investment industries.

Nik graduated from the University of Heidelberg as a lawyer with an LL.M

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